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Luca Leoncino

Electron Microscopy
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Degl'Innocenti A., Braccia C., Genchi G.G., di Leo N., Leoncino L., Catalano F., Armirotti A., Ciofani G.
Proteome alterations and nucleosome activation in rat myoblasts treated with cerium oxide nanoparticles
ACS Omega
Article Journal
Papadopoulou E.L., Barbetta A., Fiorentini F., Lenzuni M., Carzino R., Dante S., Leoncino L., Athanassiou A.
Upcycling of cotton waste to functional carbon dots: Photocatalysis and antibacterial action under vis-NIR light
Surfaces and Interfaces, vol. 48
Article Journal
De Pasquale D., Pucci C., Desii A., Marino A., Debellis D., Leoncino L., Prato M., Moscato S., Amadio S., Fiaschi P., Prior A., Ciofani G.
A Novel Patient-Personalized Nanovector Based on Homotypic Recognition and Magnetic Hyperthermia for an Efficient Treatment of Glioblastoma Multiforme
Advanced healthcare materials, vol. 12, (no. 19)
Bellato F., Ferri M., Annamalai A., Prato M., Leoncino L., Brescia R., De Trizio L., Manna L.
Colloidal Synthesis of Nickel Arsenide Nanocrystals for Electrochemical Water Splitting
ACS Applied Energy Materials, vol. 6, (no. 1), pp. 151-159
Di Cristo L., Keller J.G., Leoncino L., Marassi V., Loosli F., Seleci D.A., Tsiliki G., Oomen A.G., Stone V., Wohlleben W., Sabella S.
Critical aspects in dissolution testing of nanomaterials in the oro-gastrointestinal tract: the relevance of juice composition for hazard identification and grouping
Nanoscale Advances
Oral presentations
Leoncino L., Sansa M., Scherrer G., Gely M., Blanc H., Lartigue O., Ribaud K., Grosse P., Fedeli J.-M., Labeye P., Allain P.E., Gil-Santos E., Favero I., Duraffourg L., Jourdan G., Hentz S.
Optomechanical nanoresonator readout with optical downmixing
2016 IEEE International Frequency Control Symposium, IFCS 2016 - Proceedings